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Modern Physics  2016, Vol. 28 Issue (6): 14-18    DOI:
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. [J]. Modern Physics, 2016, 28(6): 14-18.
[1] A. Einstein, B. Podolsky, and N. Rosen, Can quantum-mechanical description of physical reality be considered complete? Phys. Rev. 47, 777(1935).
[2] Shuo Cheng, Junli Li, and Cong-Feng Qiao, Classification of the entangled states of 2×N×N, J. Phys. A:Math. Theor. 43, 055303(2010).
[3] Xikun Li, Jun-Li Li, Bin Liu, and Cong-Feng Qiao, The parametric symmetry and numbers of the entangled class of 2×M×N, Sci. China G 54, 1471-1475(2011).
[4] Jun-Li Li., Shi-Yuan Li, and Cong-Feng Qiao, Classification of the entangled states L×N×N. Phys. Rev. A 85, 012301(2012).
[5] Bin Liu, Jun-Li Li, Xikun Li, and Cong-Feng Qiao, Local unitary classification of arbitrary dimensional multipartite pure states, Phys. Rev. Lett. 108, 050501(2012)
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