Weak decays of doubly heavy baryons: “decay constants”

  • Inspired by the recent observation of the Ξcc++ by the LHCb Collaboration, we explore the "decay constants" of doubly heavy baryons in the framework of QCD sum rules. With the Ξcc, Ξbc, Ξbb, and Ωcc, Ωbc, Ωbb baryons interpolated by three-quark operators, we calculate the correlation functions using the operator product expansion and include the contributions from operators up to dimension six. On the hadron side, we consider both contributions from the lowest-lying states with JP=1/2+ and from negative parity baryons with JP=1/2-. We find that the results are stable and the contaminations from negative parity baryons are not severe. These results are ingredients for the QCD study of weak decays and other properties of doubly-heavy baryons.
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