CPC authorship won the “IOP Publishing awards top cited Chinese authors”

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IOP Publishing announced a list of winners of “IOP Publishing awards top cited Chinese authors” recently. Zhen-Xing Chen, Wei Liu, Qing-Hong Cao, Xiu-Lei Ren, Li-Tao Yang, Guoli Liu and Ligong Bian as the corresponding author of the papers entitled “Cross section and Higgs mass measurement with Higgsstrahlung at the CEPC ”, “ Constraints on dark matter annihilation anddecay from the isotropic gamma-ray background ”, “ Testing the electroweak phase transition in scalar extension models at lepton colliders ”, “ Leading order relativistic chiral nucleon-nucleon interaction ”, “ Limits on light WIMPs with a 1 kg-scale germanium detector at 160 eVee physics threshold at the China Jinping Underground Laboratoryand ”, “ Explaining DAMPE results by dark matter with hierarchical lepton-specific Yukawa interactions ”, “ Gravitational Waves, baryon asymmetry of the universe and electric dipole moment in the CP-violating NMSSM ” which have been published with Chinese Physics C won the award respectively.

The winners are authors of the top one percent of the most-cited articles in each subject category. Winning review authors are those whose workis in the top 10 most cited reviews published in the last three years.

The 213 winning articles’ work covers Physics, Materials, Biosciences, Astronomy and Astrophysics, Environmental Sciences, Mathematical and Reviews.

Internationally, Chinese physics C is published in partnership with IOP Publishing. Since publication of its first issue in 1977, it has beenone of China’s leading journals in high energy and nuclear physics, and continues to grow in international impact and recognition. The 2019 Journal Citation Reports published by Clarivate Analytics for Chinese Physics C is 2.463.