Chinese Physics C Outstanding Reviewer Award 2023

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We are pleased to announce the recipients of this year's Outstanding Reviewer Awards.

The Outstanding Reviewer Awards are given to the highest-performing reviewers from 2022 and 2023, based on the quality and quantity of the reviewers’ reports along with the Editorial Board members’ recommendation. Congratulations to all our award recipients, and thank you for your contributions to the journal!

Outstanding Reviewer Awards

An Haipeng, Tsinghua University

Bai Dong, Hohai University

Cao Gaoqing, Sun Yat-sen University

Chang Qin, Henan Normal University

Constanca Providencia, Center for Physics of the University of Coimbra

Eulogio Oset, University of Valencia

Hou Defu, Central China Normal University

Jiang Wei, Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Li Baojiu, Durham University

Li Qiang, Peking University

Li Xiaohua, University of South China

Li Xin, Chongqing University

Li Xinqiang, Huazhong Normal University Institute of Particle Physics

Liang Haozhao, The University of Tokyo

Liu Mingzhu, Beihang University

Liu Yanrui, Shandong University

Maxim Dvornikov, NV Pushkov Inst Terr Magnetism Ionosphere

Nikolai Antonenko, Obedinennyj institut adernyh issledovanij

Niu Zhongming, Anhui University

Pan Qiyuan, Hunan Normal University

Pang Danyang, Beihang University

Qian Yibin, Nanjing University of Science and Technology

Shen Yuelong, Ocean University of China

Shu Fuwen, Nanchang University

Su Wei, Sun Yat-sen University

Wang Bo, Yunnan Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Wang Gang, University of California Los Angeles

Wei Shaowen, Lanzhou University

Xie Jujun, Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Xie Yi, Purple Mountain Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Xu Chang, Nanjing University

Yuan Cenxi, Sun Yat-sen University

Zhang Chengyong, Jinan University

Zhang Hui, South China Normal University

Zhang Yang, Zhengzhou University

Zhang Yingxun, China Institute of Atomic Energy