《Chinese Physics C》BEST PAPER AWARDS 2022

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We are pleased to announce the papers:

The AME2020atomic mass evaluation” by Meng Wang (王猛) , W.J. Huang (黄文嘉) , F.G. Kondev, G. Audi (欧乔治) , S. Naimi  (ChinesePhysics C, 45, 030003, 2021);

An improvedsemi-empirical relationship for cluster radioactivity” by YanzhaoWang (王艳召) , Fengzhu Xing (邢凤竹) , Yang Xiao (肖洋),

Jianzhong Gu (顾建中)  (Chinese Physics C, 45, 044111, 2021);

Double-heavytetraquark states with heavy diquark-antiquark symmetry” by Jian-BoCheng (程剑波) , Shi-Yuan Li (李世渊) , Yan-Rui Liu(刘言锐), Zong-Guo Si (司宗国) , Tao Yao (姚涛) (Chinese Physics C, 45, 043102, 2021);

Discoverypotentials of double-charm tetraquarks” by Qin Qin (秦溱), Yin-Fa Shen (沈胤发), Fu-Sheng Yu (于福升) (Chinese Physics C, 45, 103106, 2021);

Feasibilityand physics potential of detecting 8B solar neutrinos at JUNO”by JUNO Collaboration (Chinese Physics C, 45, 023004, 2021);

Observationof the Crab Nebula with LHAASO-KM2A − a performance study” by LHAASOCollaboration (Chinese Physics C, 45, 025002, 2021);

were selected as BEST PAPER of 2022 by the Editor-in-Chief based on the citationsand potential impact to the community of the papers published in 2021 with Chinese Physics C.

We would like to offer our congratulations to the authors, and ourbestwishes for further success!