CPC Joins Committee on Publication Ethics

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The Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) announced that Chinese Physics C (CPC) officially joined COPE as a full member in June 2019.

 COPE is committed to educate and support editors,publishers and those involved in publication ethics with the aim of moving theculture of publishing towards one where ethical practices becomes the norm,part of the publishing culture. It was established to provide a range ofservices and products aimed primarily, but not exclusively, at editors andpublishers of scholarly journals and designed to provide advice and guidance onbest practice for dealing with ethical issues in journal publishing. Its principalObjects are "to educateand advance knowledge in methods of safeguarding the integrity of the scholarlyrecord for the benefit of the public". 

 Joining COPE shows that CPC intends to follow the higheststandards of publication ethics and to apply COPE principles of publicationethics outlined in the Core Practices. In the meantime, CPCwill help support COPE in promoting publication ethics and providing advice foreditors and publishers.

By joining COPE, CPC is furthering endeavorto promote publication ethics in both peer review and publication processes.