1991 Vol. 15, No. 9

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A Three Dimensional Method to Reconstruct the Charged Particle Tracks in the Forward Spectrometer
YAO Nai-Guo, CHEN Ting-Yang
1991, 15(9): 769-775.
A new three dimensional constrained method to reconstruct the charged particle tracks for the forward spectrometers is introduced.Using the method of least squares to solve the eqution,the parameters of the tracks can be obtained.In order to reduce the computing time,the two-dimensional x-line is used as the starting points.We generated some Monte-Carlo data and compare the results with the data by different methods.It is shown that this method has good resolution and accuracy.
The Determination of Magnetization Vector of NdFeB Rectangular Permanent Magnet Used for Wiggler
HUANG Min, LI Yong-Gui, WU Qing-Wu, ZHUANG Jie-Jia
1991, 15(9): 776-783.
An experimental method used for determining the magnetisation vector of NdFeB rectangular permanent magnet is described.On the supposition that the individual blocks are magnetized uniformly,this method can give not only the magnitude and direction of the magnetisation vector,but also the offsets between the magnetic and geometric center of the blocks.
The Cocycle Condition of Liouville Theory and Its Application to the 2-D Induced Gravity(Ⅰ)
WANG Zhong-Hua, WU Ke, GUO Han-Ying
1991, 15(9): 784-796.
The cocycle condition of the action in the Liouville theory has been proposed.Several composition laws could be deduced from the cocycle condition,such as the composition law of the action in 2-D induced gravity in light-cone gauge,and that of the geometric action in coadjoint Deffs1 orbits proposed by Alekseev and Shatashivilli.
Deconfinement Phase Transition for the Nontopological Soliton Bag Model and Symmetry Restore Phase Transition for φ4 Model
LOU Sen-Yue
1991, 15(9): 797-803.
Under the Hartree mean-field approximaion and the high-temperature approximation,we established the mapping relation between some types of the special solutions of the φ4 model and the nontopological soliton bag model.From the mapping relation we see that nonspherical topological kink and antikink of φ4 model are paired to form bound state——the nonspherical nontopological soliton solution of the nontopological soliton bag model.The symmetry restoration phase transition of the φ4 model occurs when the topological kink and antikink disappear; And the deconfinement phase transition of the nontopological soliton bag model occurs when the bound state of the topological kind and antikink (nontopological soliton) vanishes.
One Plan of Identifying Various Extra z0 Bosons Models
LI Tie-Zhong
1991, 15(9): 804-811.
Boudjema et al.have found a very good method to identify the theoretical origin of an extra z boson.The method can separate different models.We calculate the z02 decay width of SU(60 model by using their method and compared with E6.
XXZ Model and the Structure of the Symmetric Algebra
MA Zhong-Qi, HOU Bo-Yuan, HOU Bo-Yu
1991, 15(9): 812-821.
In this paper,an XXZ model of the Heisenberg spin chain with the symmetry of the quantum SLq(2) enveloping algebra is discussed.In terms of the structure of the Temperley-Lieb algebra,in this model we analyse the finite-dimensional representations of the quantum SLq(2) with qp=±1 in some detail,including the condition of appearance of the reducible but indecomposable representations (type Ⅰ representation),their properties,and the complete set of the states related to a definite energy where the new states are obtained by an appropriare limit process.
On the Moment-Order,Multiplicity and Transverse-Momentum Dependences of Intermittency in Hadron-Hadron Collisions
WU Yuan-Fang, LIU Lian-Shou
1991, 15(9): 822-826.
The dependences of intermittency degree on moment-order,multiplicity and transverse momentum are discussed.Is is pointed out that the difference between the dependences of the anomalous exponents of factorial moments on moment order at energies lower and higher than top ISR energy implies that the dependences of intermittency degree on multiplicity are in opposite directions in the two energy regimns.It is argued that these different trends imply that intermittency degree depends on other more basic quantity,such as transverse momentum.These assertions and their deductions remain to be examined experimentally.
Excitation Functions for Mo(d,x)95mTc,Mo(d,x)96gTc and Mo(d,x)97mTc Reactions
WU Sheng, LONG Xian-Guan, PENG Xiu-Feng, HE Fu-Qing, LIU Man-Tian
1991, 15(9): 827-831.
The excitation functions are determined by activation method and stacked-foil technique for the reactions Mo(d,x)95mTc,Mo(d,x)96gTc and Mo(d,x)97mTc from 3.2 to 13.5MeV.The experimental results are compared with theoretical calculation by compound nucleus statistic model.
Study on Target Residues From the Interaction of 181Ta with 45MeV/A 12C Ions
LI Wen-Xin, LI Yun-Sheng, SUN Ru-Lin, SUN Tong-Yu, WU Ding-Qing, ZHAO Li-Li, ZHENG Yu-Ming, QI Da-Hai, SA Ben-Hao
1991, 15(9): 832-835.
Cross sections and recoil properties were measured for target residues from the interaction of 181Ta with 45MeV/A 12C ions using thick target-thick catcher foil techniques.The mass yield distribution measured experimentally was compared with a statistical multi-fragmentation model.A comparison of the linear momentum tranfer calculated from the average forward recoil ranges with our previous results indicates that in 45MeV/A 12C-induced reactions the linear momentum transfer in central collisions increases with target mass.which is in good agreement with calculations on the basis of leading particle models.
Study of Low-Lying States in 58,60,62,64Ni by (p,p′) Scattering at Ep=25.1MeV for 2+1 State and IBA Analysis for Spectra and B(E2) Ratios
ZHANG Jie, JIANG Da-Zhen, YANG Jin-Qing, ZHANG Ying-Ji, HE Jian-Hua, FU De-Ji, CHENG Xiao-Wu
1991, 15(9): 836-843.
The deformation parameters of the first excited 2+1 states in 58,60,62,64Ni are obtained by comparing the experimental inelastic (p,p′) differential cross-section with the prediction of zero range DWBA.IBA is used to study the energy spectrum and B(E2) ratio of low-lying states in these nickel isotops.The microscopic calculation of IBA phenomenological parameters are carried out as well.
Transverse Momentum Analysis in the non-relativistic SUU Approach
ZHANG Jian-Ming, GE Ling-Xiao, ZHANG Feng-Shou, ZHUO Yi-Zhong
1991, 15(9): 844-851.
The transverse momentum distributions in heavy ion collisions have been investigated in the non-relativistic BUU approach for different mean field interactions characterized by the effective mass m* and the compression modulus K.The production mechanism of the transverse momentum has been analysed.It is found that the transverse momentum is very sensitive to the effective mass and less sensitive to the compression modulus.
Theoretical Calculation of a Complete Set of the Neutron Reaction Data for Ta-181
YAO Li-Shan
1991, 15(9): 852-860.
The interaction reaction data of neutron with Tantalum have been calculated by means of the optical model (OPM),the Hauser-Fashbach theory with width fluctuation correction (WHF) and the evaporation model including the pre-equilibrium emission (PEM) in the incident neutron energy range between 1 to 20MeV.The calculated results comparaed with the experimental values,and a good agreement has been obtained.
J/ψ Hadronic Decay and 11-+ Exotic States
YU Hong, SHEN Qi-Xing
1991, 15(9): 861-864.
In this paper we give some relations for dscriminating 1-+ exotic states and 1++ ordinary mesons in J/ψ hadronic decays by using the generalized moment analysis.