1992 Vol. 16, No. 6

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BaF2 Scintillator Coupling with a Low-pressure Multistep Avalanche Chamber
HU Tao, CHEN Hong-Fang, XU Zi-Zong, ZHENG Hai-Sheng, WANG Zhao-Min
1992, 16(6): 481-486.
We studied the properties of a UV light sensitive low-pressure multistep avalanche chamber containing pure TMAE vapour.The gain of two chambers with different constructure at various temperatures is measured.With pure TMAE vapour at 40°C the gain of one chamber was 4×105,the time resolution was 4.1ns.Coupling the chamber with a 2×2×2.4cm3 BaF2 scintillator we successfully observed the signal of 137Cs γ-ray of 0.661MeV.
Two-particle Pseudorapidity Correlations in pp Collisions at 400GeV/c
WANG Shao-Shun, ZHANG Jie, XIAO Chen-Guo, YE Yun-Xiu, CHENG Zheng-Dong, ZHANG Xue-Qian, LUO Qi, XU Wan-Li, XIONG Wei-Jun
1992, 16(6): 487-493.
The pseudorapidity distributions of charged produced in pp collisions at 400GeV/c have been measured using LEBC films.Two-particle pseudorapidity correlations at fixed multiplicity have been studied.The experimental data was fitted by cluster model.It is found that the average cluster multiplicities as well as the cluster decay widths both vary slightly with charged multiplicity.
Chiral Bag Model at Finite Temperature
HUANG Jing-Yi, CAI Sheng-Shan, HU Si-Zhu, SU Ru-Keng
1992, 16(6): 494-498.
By taking the thermodynamical contributions of the pion mesons cloud outside the bag into account,the chiral bag model is extended to finite temperature.The temperature dependence of the radius of the chiral bag and the critical temperature of quark deconfinement are given.
Corrected MK Transformation of ZN Gauge Theory
YAN Xun-Ling
1992, 16(6): 499-504.
The corrected Migdal-Kadanoff recurrence relations of lattice gauge systems is obtained and the phase diagram of Z4 system is calculated.It is found that the fixed poind and the phase diagram obtained in this paper are numerically closer to that given by Monte Carlo simulation.Therefore,the corrected recurrence relation is more significant than MK relation.
Construction of the Creation-Annihilation Operators for the Hydrogen Atom and Related Potentials with the Concepts of Supersymmetric Quantum Mechanics
LI Fu-Bin
1992, 16(6): 505-509.
Using new creation-annihilation operators constructed in this work,we are able to determine the eigenvalues and eigenfunctions of the hydrogen alien by algebraic method,which is analogous to the well-known procedure for is Eudying the harmonic oscillator.
Correction to Goldstein Equation from the Gluon Condensate Diagram
BIAN Jian-Guo, HUANG Tao
1992, 16(6): 510-517.
An exact Goldstein solution of the Bethe-Salpeter equation including the gluon condensate in the background field QCD is discussed.We find that the gluon condensate diagram makes quark and anti-quark more close to form a bound state.
Electron,Positron Distribution Function
WU Ji-Min
1992, 16(6): 518-526.
By Mellin transformation,we solve the QED evolution equation for electron,positron distribution function analytically:Aseries expression for electron,positron distribution function is given.It approaches rapidly to the precise result required.The comparison with some other approximate results is also given.Our result greatly benefits the discussion of radiative correction in e+e collision process.
A Chiral Quark-Confinement Soliton Model for one nucleon and two Nucleons
XU Xiao-Ming, QIU Xi-Jun
1992, 16(6): 527-533.
A chiral quark-meson soliton model with quark-confinement is described in the present work.This model can reasonably produce the static properties of single nucleon,nucleon-nucleon interactions and elastic scattering phase shifts.
Eikonal Approximation for Intermediate Coupling
YANG Yong-Xu, LI Qing-Run
1992, 16(6): 534-538.
The eikonal approximation for intermediate coupling is studied.It is shown that the accuracy of the eikonal approximation is dependent on the shape of potentials.
Research on High Spin States in 68Ge,65Ga and 67Ga
ZHU Sheng-Jiang
1992, 16(6): 539-545.
The high spin states in 68Ge,65Ga and 67Ga were studied through in-beam gamma-ray spectroscopy experiment.The reaction 46Ti(25Mg,xpxn) was used with beam energy 68MeV.In 68Ge the new multiplicity of band structures,the crossing transitions among the bands and a new band with possible big diformation were observed.The experiment results agree with a new microscopic model calculation (EXCITED FED VAMPIR).In 65Ga and 67Ga a few band structures with strong collectivity were observed and the new level schemes were given.
CHHE-MRT Method and Its Application in Three-Body Problem
Xu Ding-An, LI Shi-Qing, LIU Fu-Qing, JIAO Shu-Qing
1992, 16(6): 546-551.
Based on "Hybrid Method" by Dzhibuti,a CHHE-MRT method is suggested for threebody problem,which overcomes the difficulty of infinite integral of oscillatory Bassel functions in hybrid method,and enables us to study the bound states and scattering states of three-body problem by using Gauss,Exponential and Yukawa potential.
Study on the Excited States of 124Cs by Heavy Ion Reaction
SUN Xiang-Fu, YU Jian-Fang, GUO Ying-Xiang, LEI Xiang-Guo, LUO Yi-Xiao, WANG Ji-Cheng, XU Xiao-Ji, WEN Shu-Xian, WENG Pei-Kun, LI Sheng-Gang, YANG Chu-Xiang
1992, 16(6): 552-555.
Excited states of 124Cs have been studied by means of in beam γ-ray technique via the reaction 109Ag(19F,p3n).Based on the observation of the high spin bands and their decay to the ground state,a level scheme of 124Cs has been established.
Linear Momentum Transfer in the Reactions Induced by 50MeV/A12C Bombarding 209Bi and 197Au
JIANG Dong-Xing, YE Yan-Lin, LIU Hong-Tao, LU Xi-Ting, HUANG Xiao-Lin, XIAO Bin, ZHAN Wen-Long, ZHU Yong-Tai, GUO Zhong-Yan, FENG En-Pu, XI Hong-Fei, LIU Guan-Hua, ZHOU Jian-Qun, YIN Shu-Zhi, ZHU Xiang, WANG Bing, FENG Jun
1992, 16(6): 556-562.
The Distributions of the linear momentum transfer (LMT) in the reactions induced by 50MeV/u 12C with 209Bi and 197Au were measured using fission fragment angular correlation technique.The most probable value of the linear momentum transfer per projectile,pmp is dependent on the target.173MeV/c and 184MeV/c for 209Bi and 197Au were obtained.In these distributions,there exists a small hump around 0.3 of LMT,which can probably be attributed to the alpha cluster transfer.
The Exploring of New Collective States ——Mixed-Symmetry States in Nuclei
GU Jin-Nan, WEN Wan-Xin, ZHAO Yu-Min
1992, 16(6): 563-570.
New collective states with mixed-symmetry character of neutron—proton degrees of freedom is reviewed.In the framework of IBM-2,the mixed-symmtry states have been discussed in detail.The full-symmetry states and mixed-symmetry states of Hg,Gd and Nd isotopes,especially the effect of Majorana parameters on these states and M1 transitions,are calculated and analyzed.The results show that the basic properties of mixed-symmetry states of these nuclei are well described by IBM-2.
Overshooting and Prescission Neutron Multiplicity in Nuclear Fission
SUN Zhe-Min, FENG Ren-Fa, WU Xi-Zhen, ZHU Yi-Zhong
1992, 16(6): 571-576.
The transient behavior in approaching to quasi-stationary state for fissioning systems is studied by diffusion model.It is shown that there are two regions:Kramers region for Tf and overshooting region for T>Ef according to the transient behavior of probability current.A particular attention is paid to the overshooting region because it tends to decrease the enhancement effect of neutron multiplicity and even leads to its disappearance.However it has been proved that the enhancement of neutron multiplicity results from the transient behavior in fission process.