Cover Story| Search for Majoron at the COMET experiment

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Cover Story| Search for Majoron atthe COMET experiment

Tianyu Xing, Chen Wu, Han Miao, Haibo Li,Weiguo Li, Ye Yuan, Yao Zhang

Abstract:A new Goldstone particle named Majoron isintroduced in order to explain the origin of neutrino mass via some new physicsmodels assuming that neutrinos are Majorana particles. By expanding the signalregion and using likelihood analysis, it becomes possible to search for Majoronusing experiments originally designed to search for μ−e conversion. For theCOMET experiment, the sensitivity of process μeJ is able to reachB(μeJ)=2.3×10−5 in Phase-I and O(10−8) inPhase-II. Meanwhile, the sensitivities to search for Majoron in futureexperiments are also discussed in this article. 

Keywords: Majoron , neutrino , COMET , new physics


Search forMajoron at the COMET experiment (