Cover Story | Mesonic condensation in isospin matter under rotation

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We investigate mesonic condensation in isospin matter under rotation. Using the two-flavor NJL effective model in the presence of global rotation, we demonstrate two important effects of rotation on its phase structure: a rotational suppression of the scalar-channel condensates, in particular, the pion condensation region; and a rotational enhancement of the rho condensation region with vector-channel condensate. A new phase diagram for isospin matter under rotation is mapped out on the ωμIplane where the three distinct phases, corresponding to the σ,π,ρ dominated regions, respectively, are separated by a second-order line at low isospin chemical potential as well as a first-order line at high rotation and are further connected at a tri-critical point.

Authors: Hui Zhang(张辉), Defu Hou(侯德富), Jin-Feng Liao(廖劲峰)

Key words: phase structure, rotating isospin matter, mesonic condensate

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